Thursday, September 13, 2012

The years fly by!

Next week my oldest son will begin school. Thinking back to his very first day makes me realize I have nothing to worry about.
When he first begin it was me that was worried and concerned, he loved it, for him it was a smooth transition. Now I think to myself why was I so concerned? My main concern was that he would have difficulty communicating with others.

Even though we live in the country-side of Italy, at home we speak entirely English. For my son's first three years of his life we spent ever day, or almost everyday together. Mainly all Italian he would learn would be from my husbands family.

To my surprise and happiness, once he began attending school all day, he immediately began speaking Italian fluently. At this point I am now completely confident everything will go amazingly well this year!

Now when my two year old begins in a year, that may be another story!!

Take a look back at his very first day here.  

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