Friday, August 7, 2009

A Walk Through Town

Yesterday was such a beautiful day I decided to take a walk through Pennabilli, the town we live in.

I can never forget it's wonderful beauty, but sometimes historical meanings tend to be forgotten.

The door pictured, just below the arch way. (Imagine driving through here!)

This is posted next to the door pictured above, it states one of the Popes actually lived at this very home.

A visit by the Dali Lama.

Walls with many years to show.

An enclosed circular window. I wonder what that was for!

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  1. What a quaint village. It looks like the ones I see on the Travel Channel shows I record and watch. :)

  2. Ciao!!
    Belle foto!! Come ti trovi in un paesino cosi´piccolo?

  3. How beautiful!

  4. It is beautiful!

    Ciao Barbara,

    Molto, molto, differente. Certamente non è Los Angeles, California. Ma è bello, la storia è stupefacente.

  5. I love circular windows. They're so intriguing.