Monday, August 31, 2009

The Art of the Kitchen

After years of concentrating on my career- work and school, I have always been closer to my sewing machine, then the kitchen. Now with over two years of living in Italy I have learned that cooking and eating is an art in itself!

It didn't help any that my husband is a chef and creating in the kitchen is in his blood. Now that I am a stay-at-home mom it has been essential for me to start becoming friends with the kitchen.

It has certainly been an eye-opener living here, the wonderful art of eating is present in every Italian household. First the various course meals, then identifying all the American stereo-types of Italian food.

After living in America all my life I have realized what Italian pizza really is! And no one eats bread with spaghetti, and there is no such thing as spaghetti meatballs in northern Italy.

The Fig Tree

I am mostly learning from my father-in-law, and my husband. (Sometimes I am still intimidated by my husband when he is in the kitchen.) And I can understand when he gets frustrated with me. When we began dating he could always enter my apartment and make an amazing dinner with what was in my fridge!

Now I am starting to try new things! I have always been hesitate to make marmalade, and torta, and dinner in general.

Figs and tomatoes I picked from my father-in-law's garden.

With the abundance of figs and tomatoes in the house I felt it safe to attempt fig marmalade, a fig torta, sun dried tomatoes, and tomato basil soup!

Yes I am starting small, but I am slowly learning, I am on my way of becoming a friend of the kitchen and understanding how eating can be an art!

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  1. you have made me very hungry!!!! Lovely photos!

  2. How wonderful. Those figs and tomatoes look so bright and delicious!

  3. I am moving with my husband to live in a farm in the countryside of austria and I am a bit worried about the country style life .
    It is nice to hear someonelse experience in making marmelade and cakes.... ( I am a disaster )
    Hugs Barbara

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  5. I agree that your pictures of the figs and tomatoes look good enough to eat! :)