Thursday, July 2, 2009

Italian Actors

After over two years, I am still amazed by the huge influence American movies have in Italy. A few nights ago I was able to enjoy a movie which included two classic Italian actors! Adrian Celentano and Renato Pozzetto!

Italian movies are in a different humor very different from American. Every single night one can find American movies coming out on television, of course in between dubbed episodes of Scooby Doo, Cold Case, CSI, and Without a Trace/em>EM<>, just to name a few.

Adrian Celentano, began his career as a singer, heavily influenced by Elvis Presley. He is also an actor, and director, and he frequently casts his wife in his movies. His musical career includes 40 albums, the first in 1965, his first film, La dolce vita in 1960.
If you would like to refresh you memory, here is a clip:

Renato Pozzetto began as a comedian. In collaboration with his childhood friend, he first became famous with satirical style songs. He is mostly famous for his Mianese accent and stuttering, shy way of speaking.

Two talented actors! I always enjoy learning more about Italian actors!

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