Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Photo

I was searching though some of my photo disks and I encountered this photo.

It doesn't matter how long ago this was taken, or how many times I have seen it, it always makes me smile!

This photo was taken the first few months we were here in Italy, we were in Florence visiting family friends.

There is just something about this image of my husband's face, how my son is sticking out his tongue, and the horse. All the poses at the same time, and it was not planned, or staged.

It wonderfully displays the spirit of our family and the wonderful playful characteristics of my husband and son!

I love this photo!


  1. Wonderful and good memories it seems.

  2. That's a great picture!! Your son is a cutie - love the hat!!

  3. A great memory to cherish!!! Bet your husband LOVES that you are sharing it..... lol

  4. It is fascinating to read about your herb garden and the beautiful plants you've seen. And, of course I love seeing pictures of my grandson! Both pof your blogs are so wonderful, detailed and professional in their presentation. I'm so proud of you, my womnderful daughter!
    i love the colors in this page and the grapevine motif!