Friday, January 6, 2012

A Day of Celebration!

"The adorationof the Magi"-
Italian Renaissance master Andrea Mantegna.

This morning I woke up realizing I had a very long list of items which I need to do, this year I made sure I wrote my list of Resolutions! I feel as though I am already so behind on my list!

What better day to begin, focused then today. I hear myself telling my son of amost five years old that he can accomplish anything and everything he sets his mind to, he just has to make sure he pushes himself! Now I begin to listen to my own words!

This day in Italy is a huge day of celebration- The Epiphany! This is what adults know this day as, but the children here in Italy know it as the day of the Befana. On this very morning they awake all wide-eyed to stockings full of candy, if they have been good, or black coal (a black sugar candy in chunks).

Growing up in Texas, this day was know as the day of The Three Kings, or the day the Magi/Three Wise Men arrived with gifts forthe baby Jesus. As a child, my mother referred to this day as
El Día de los Reyes (The Day of the Kings). This was the official day in which our Christmas tree was taken down for the the year. Older, living in Los Angeles, California I discovered a bread in which every panadería stayed up late and awoke early in the the morning to finish baking this bread. Inside the bread contained a plastic baby, whoever discovered it in there piece would have good luck for the rest of the year.

It does not matter where I am in the world on this dayit is still special!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

I am off to continue working on my list!!

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