Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Masks from San Leo

These are some photos of masks displayed in the Fortress San Leo. I will post later photos of my trip in the amazing historical Fortress.

This masks made of metal were used mainly for women who were said to be "loud" and eccentric men, condemned to be ridiculed in public. The most extravagant forms, often faces or body parts of animals were masks that were fitted which contained spikes or other elements and often caused severe laceration to the mouth and tongue.

This mask was used as a device to keep one silent in the trial or torture victims, they were gagged in this way and also burned at the stake.

This mask is made of leather, it was used to protect doctors from plague when visiting infected patients. It contains two holes for the nostrils, the eyes are protected by two small windows, inside the beak the doctor would place balsamic perfumes and ointments.

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