Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beauty of Nature

It makes me so wonderfully happy that the beautiful weather has finally arrived! Walking home this morning from dropping off my little angel to school, I wish I would have placed my camera in my purse. A little note of my everyday- I always carry my camera in my purse because I never know what I may see.

Strolling across the sidewalk in front of me in the distance I saw a very long caterpillar. As I walked closer towards the brown fuzzy caterpillar I realized it was six caterpillars. It was as they were holding hands crossing.

I thought it was amazing and wondered if it is normal for them to walk or crawl like this. Reading up on them I found out they do not have very good vision, they can only see poorly resolved images. They determine the distance of objects by moving their heads from side to side.

It was so lovely, I had never seen anything like it before! Yes, it is the little beauties of nature that make my day whole!

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  1. thats fascinating! i didnt know that, how lucky of you to come across them!