Friday, June 26, 2009

My Angel!

In Italy, June the 24th is widely celebrated for San Giovanni Battista. It is further celebrated for those who are named Giovanni.

My lovely angel (I like to think of him as my angel) Giovanni is slowly changing, he is now two and a half. Now I know what all the fuss was about the terrible twos!

No, I think it is wonderful that his character is beginning to come out more and more everyday. I think it has been slightly difficult for him, as it has been for me, to learn three languages at the same time. He completely comprehends the three, but he does seem to mix up his English, Spanish, and Italian. He was born in Los Angeles, he has already flown to Texas, Ireland, and Italy.

I think all that he can remember so far is Italy. It is a completely different culture. In September he will begin pre-school. He is very excited, being all day with mommy, of course he always enjoys being around other children!

He is growing quickly! I decided to share some of my most favorite recent pictures of him.

At the beginning of those hot summer days!

He woke up every morning running to put on his winter boots. He would not take them off until it was time to go to bed.

He loves to find a hiding place then call, "Momma, Momma" until I find him. The first time he hid in the laundry basket, it took me a while, I was not expecting it!

In this lovely days we try to eat outside in our wonderful patio as much as we can. We were getting ready for dinner, I had begun to set the table. What do you know there was Giovanni sitting on the table waiting for me to see him.

This past weekend we visited my father-in-law, I heard he had a present for Giovanni in celebration of San Giovanni Battista. What a present! Unfortunately it was cold and it rained all day. I know the first time he enters his pool he will not want to get out!!

His first pool! Wow!

He loves to pretend he is a robot! He gets upset because his hand will no longer fit through the toliet paper rolls. We have to slit them down the center, so he can continue using them as his robot arms.

Here you can actually see him saying,

"I am a robot!"

He loves to dance, he loves his books, and he always enjoys flowers!

He is an Angel!!

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  1. He is an angel...enjoy him while he is still so small as they grow so very fast. Mine two 'little boys' are 25 and 27 and seems like yesterday they looked like your little one.

  2. What a precious little boy you have! Children are so fun and have so much imagination at that age.

    PS I love your blog. The colors and the grapes are very pretty!

  3. What a cutie!! I have two boys, they are 17 & 19, I remember them at the age of 2. Everyone refers to the 2's and the "terrible 2's" but I didn't have that with my kids. They were great, still are!

  4. My son is 2 and a half too!

    Great job teaching him 3 languages! I'm Japanese, my husband is Chinese, but my son only speaks English for now. Wish I had put more effort into teaching him Japanese earlier!